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This is by far the most innovative design that we have seen in the last 25 years.  It is light-weight, easy to clean, easy to assemble and disassemble, will never peel or scratch and, in other words, it will be your parrots life time cage.

The line of cages is fairly new, so you may not have seen the actual cage displayed.  If you visit us at Parrots Naturally, you will see a wide selections of styles and colors.  There are basically 3 styles or configurations and 2 sizes of aluminum cages in 6 different colors. 

The styles include a domed or arched cage which allows your parrot the maximum inside room for hanging toys, swings, coils or enrichment possibilities for his alone-time.  This is recommended for parrots whose owners are away a lot during the day. 

The Playtop is the best designed I have seen of this style.  Most playtop cages allow the bird to roam above owners’ head and develop behavior problems (attitude) because of height dominance  issues.  The two Kings Aluminum Playtops are lower than most, but still very roomy inside. 

The third style of cage is the flat top.  We recommend this cage for the parrot who spends a good deal of his life outside the cage on a stand like the Java stands or an entertaining gym.  The flat top then becomes more of a night time cage. 

There are 2 sizes of Aluminum cages, the smaller with a width of 25 inches and depth of 22 inches has a bar spacing of 5/8 inches, while the larger size at 33 inches wide and 25 inches deep has a bar spacing of 3/4 inches.   We have sold one or the other of these to most size of parrots except for the larger Macaws.  We hope that Kings will follow our requests for a large Macaw size aluminum cage. 

If you have any questions about the appropriate size for your parrot, call our toll free line at 866 parrots (866 727-7687.

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Aluminum Cage Playtop Kings ACP 2522 SHOWN IN BLUE/SILVER
Price: $769.00
Aluminum Cage Playtop Kings ACP 2522 SHOWN IN BLUE/SILVER
REVOLUTIONARY NEW ALUMINUM CAGES NO more chipping paint, NO more rust, Okay For Outdoor Use! 25" Width 22" Deep 45" Inside Height from bottom grill to inside top of cage 63" Total Height 5/8" Bar spacing 5 MM bars
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