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We are not just a website — We are the Premier Parrot Store in Los Angeles! 

Welcome to all of you who know the joy of living with a companion parrot, and to those of you who may be contemplating the purchase of a parrot! We are an Avian Resource Center; we share our philosophy and bird experience with you. Products Featured on this site are the favorite  foods, toys and accessories  tested and approved by our flock of parrots.
Braided Rope Globe Small
Price: $14.99
Braided Rope Globe Small
Open Rope Globe Small 18" Long 10" Diameter
Seed Cuisine 3 pounds
Price: $13.99
Seed Cuisine 3 pounds
Our own concoction of a good hookbill seed mix with a variety of healthy nuts and dried fruits and vegetables.
Braided Rope Globe Medium
Price: $20.99
Braided Rope Globe Medium
18" Long x 10" Diameter Medium parrots love hanging out in the globe.
Small Toy of the Month
Price: $6.99
Small Toy of the Month
BUY 2 GET 1 FREE Bell rings when bird shakes beads and spoons. Hours of fun for your small bird.
Medium Toy of the Month
Price: $21.95
Medium Toy of the Month
BUY 2 GET 1 FREE The clanging of the measuring cups can be a little annoying but worth it for the fun your bird will have.
Triple Whiffle Large
Price: $23.99
Triple Whiffle Large
3 Swinging Balls Plastic rolling Ball inside a plastic cage When bird moves toy, ball rattles inside
Price: $34.99
Stops Feather Plucking with many Birds! Safe & Natural Homeopathic Formula For relief of a wide range of feather plucking induced problems including: anxiety, fear, nervous,separation and other neurotic behaviors.
Price: $80.00



This ecommerce site is the online extension of our Brick and Mortar store Parrots Naturally.  Parrots Naturally opened in Tarzana, California twenty years ago to meet the needs of parrot lovers in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles.  As some of our customers moved or spread the word about some of our unique products we sensed a need to develop this online presence.


Our mission is to raise hand-fed well socialized baby parrots including  Eclectus, African Greys, Macaws, Parrotlets and more for a special group of customers willing to educate themselves and provide for the needs of these rare creatures.


 We specialize in Kings Cages and have done so for more than 15 years. The majority of our personal and shop birds reside in Kings Cages as do the parrots of most of our loyal customers. We have carried other cages during our years owning Parrots Naturally, but none have met with the customer satisfaction and quality of Kings’. They continue to lead the market with the most amazing innovations in cage design year after year. Your parrot money could not be better spent than an investment in a Kings Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Powder Coated Cage.


Please explore this site to find the latest in healthy parrot foods, parrot toys and accessories.  Our own brand of parrot products is the New Millennium line and includes our special Seed Free Diets, Sprouted Seed mixes, Soak and Cook Mix and  a variety of natural nuts.  We also offer unsulfured papaya, pineapple and a Fruit and Veggie Medley that we call our Flight Mix.  Other products lines include Volkman seeds, the entire Zupreem line of Fruitblend and Natural pellets, Lafebre, Leach Seeds Cuisine blend,  Harrisons pellets,

Our toy walls are truly a site to behold.  With more that 30 toy manufacturers featured you can always find the ideal product to keep your parrot entertained and happy.

Look for Jungle Toys, Superbird, Zoo-max (Funmax), Molly's Bird Toys, Pet-Terrific, Maka Toys, Fetch a Pet, Aronico, Paradise, Planet Pleasures, Hangall, Wesco and many more.  We love your suggestions and feedback, so don't hesitate to email us with your thoughts or anything we might be missing.

Please check out our educational website


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